Our Services

We are a specialty company that offers you a wide variety of services. Our qualified team will help you realize your dreams and also advise you even in the planning stages of your project.


We will advise you throughout the entire process and keep you informed every step of the way, explaining the processes we have custom-tailored to fit your needs. This way we can find the solution that is right for you!

Contact us today - our staff is looking forward to assisting you further!

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Routine Service and Maintenance

Custom or Catalog?

At Ever-Green Garage Doors we service all brands of garage doors and garage door openers. Same-Day Service and Repair is our specialty.


Whether you are choosing one of our beautifully crafted garage doors from a wide variety of manufacturers or a one of a kind masterpiece to perfectly complement the home of your dreams, Ever-Green Garage doors can provide you with the perfect garage door to suit your needs.


We install garage doors in new construction, as well as replacement doors. Know what you’re getting for your money! Our price quotes include the following:

-  Remove and haul away the existing door, track, and hardware.
-  Install the new door, with all new tracks and hardware.
-  Reconnect your existing garage door operator to the new door, with proper bracing for the door.
-  Put PVC (vinyl) wood grain-finish trim around top and sides of the garage-door opening.

All service work is done by trained technicians to insure quality workmanship.


Energy Tax Credit

We also provide a number of stock manufactured doors that will qualify you for the Energy Tax Credit on your next tax return.  Ask a qualified sales person about it on your next purchase!  These doors practically pay for themselves!